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Award Winner – Pink Lady & M&S​

Award Winning Photography – Pink Lady & M&S I am absolutely honoured to have been awarded a ‘Highly Commended’ in the 2023 Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Award.  My pavlova image was one of only seven Finalists, in the highly fought over Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture category. With entries from across the world,  the calibre of photographs in this competition, raises every year. The Tattinger Award ceremony, was held at BAFTA in Piccadilly, which was very special. Then the […]

Food Photography Michelin chefs

White Swan and sō-lō Culinary Collab

Sō-lō welcomes The White Swan team A Culinary Collab event with two Michelin starred chefs. Tom Parker and the team of The White Swan at Fence, were at Tim Allen’s restaurant sō-lō in Aughton, cooking seven stunning courses. The event was hosted by sō-lō,  17 Town Lane Aughton, Ormskirk, L39 6SE


Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year Finalist

2023 Competition I am so delighted and to be honest can’t quiet believe that I have been announced as a finalist in the Pink Lady Food Photography Competition 2023. For those who aren’t familiar with the competition it is termed as ‘The worlds leading celebration of the art of food photography and film’. With over 20 categories, they have entries submitted from 96 countries. I have been chosen as a finalist in the Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture category.  The award ceremony will be in London in […]

Tim Allen Chef celebrates the Michelin Star for his first solo restaurant

Tim Allen’s sō-lō restaurant

sō-lō Chef Tim Allen’s first solo restaurant. After being open for less than two years, it now celebrates its first Michelin Star. With a focus on sourcing local, the food is amazing.  sō-lō 17 Town Lane Aughton, Ormskirk Lancs

Cools blues and pinks sunset from the beach next to Southport pier Merseyside, north west UK coast beach, with reflections and shadows of the pier in the water under the pier

A Southport Pier Evening

Over the years I have photographed this pier a great deal. I love its imposing structure and the fact that it mainly stands on sand rather than being submerged in water. Yes, the tide in Southport does come in twice a day, but it always makes a very rapid retreat back the safety of deeper waters. Sadly there are no lapping waves on the shore here. But combined with a leisurely walk to watch some of the amazing sunsets we […]

Butcher Farrell photographer in the meat cold store

Butcher Farrell’s Meat Emporium

Boutique Butchery A recent shoot at Butcher Farrell’s Meat Emporium near Ormskirk, where they really pride themselves on delivering top quality produce and showcasing carefully sourced products with a focus on animal welfare. With sustainably produced meat, they also focus on maximum flavour. All the team were lovely at the shoot, I learnt a lot about some meats that generally aren’t available, such as dairy. Did you know it’s more ‘gamey’ than standard beef? I certainly didn’t. They are a […]

Purple and pinks sunset on Ainsdale beach north west coast England showing the sand dunes and grasses

Turner’s Painterly Skys

The beauty of the sunsets in Southport, do make me feel very lucky. The fact that I can leave my house and within minutes being viewing the vast horizon, still feels very special.  The evening these photographs were taken, the sky was changing by the minute. From oranges, to pinks and purples, the range of both subtle and vivid colours were spectacular. Definitely a night to appreciate and exhale.

Food Photography by Patricia Niland for Waitrose Weekend Magazine article featuring so-lo restaurant in Aughton

Food Photography Featured In Waitrose Weekend Magazine

Food Photography for Tim Allen’s sō-lō restaurant new menu Nov, 2022 As the cost of living crisis becomes our norm’. Waitrose Weekend magazine produced an article, which cover restaurants that are creating delicious food at prices that aren’t costing the earth. Photographs were taken at sō-lō in Aughton and highlighted their new winter lunch me. These were featured as an example of quality dining for a new era. 

The Caterer magazine article featuring chef Tim Allen from so-lo restaurant in Aughton Lancashire. Photography Patricia Niland

Photo-shoot For The Caterer Magazine

Food Photography and Chef Portraits for Tim Allen’s new sō-lō restaurant Mar, 2022 I was lucky enough to be commissioned by The Caterer magazine for an article they were writing about chef Tim Allen. I was shooting at Tim’s new restaurant in Aughton, Lancashire. After a prestigious career where he has worked for others and achieved Michelin Stars, this is his first solo venture. An exciting challenge where Tim can now truly flex his creativity. The photo-shoot covered his new food […]

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