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Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2023 Finalist – Awarded Highly Commended in Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture

Where it started

It all started with my Dad’s darkroom and the Amateur Photographer magazines that were always around the house. I became fascinated by photography and the intricacies of developing in the dark room from an early age. Taking photographs together, Dad and I would process the film in his darkroom and then watch the images develop. To me this was magical, and I still marvel at the ability of a camera to capture a moment in time and how special that is.

The early years

I loved photography, but it didn’t quite feel like the right time to jump into taking photos professionally. Instead, I studied graphic design then rapidly headed south for life in London. Where I created branding for iconic brands such as Toyota, Seat, The Post Office and numerous banks and airlines. For two decades I honed my skills, crafted my expertise and learned from the best and also commissioned photographers, which gained me insight and knowledge reserved only for those on the inside.

The photographer in me

Lots of my spare time in London was spent at the Photographers Gallery where I attended their talks and exhibitions. I adored being exposed to the diverse range of photography they exhibited. In 2013 I finally gave in and bought myself a camera. With the first click of the shutter it felt like home and I was hooked. Looking through the viewfinder and seeing a beautiful image, still makes my soul sing.

The dream life

It was a move out of London back to the North that gave me the chance to pursue the kind of photography that I love. I have never looked back. My time in London gave me amazing grounding and taught me how to craft and use my experience to take the very best photos. I have developed a passion for photography that builds brands, tells their story and connects them to their target audience. A great and effective image is one that conveys the message and personality of the brand, building its reputation and credibility as well as trust, helping it to stand out and own its space.

Building brands

The best images come when everyone is relaxed so I make sure to get to know you before we get down to work! That’s why I really value and put an emphasis on the pre-shoot preparation to get to know your brand personality, the phase of your business and what your objectives are. I love to collaborate, adding insight and recognising opportunities in your brief. I use my brand experience to bring a different point of view and shape your story through imagery.

My approach

I naturally have an efficient but relaxed style, working independently and taking the lead so you can get on with being at ease on the day. I’m pretty good at flexing to whatever comes up and solving problems should they arise.

I believe that every brand should have the opportunity to showcase its personality and build trust with its audience in a way that feels authentic and confident. Having a brand and marketing minded approach I can help you to share your brand message and bring it to life across any platform with compelling and strategic imagery.

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