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Pink Lady Food Photographer of the Year 2023 - Awarded Highly Commended in Marks & Spencer Food Portraiture

Liverpool’s Food & Drink Photographer

I capture your brand’s uniqueness, capturing mouth watering images, to establish connection and drive traffic to your hospitality business. I’m the Brand Building Photographer, with years of experience, I’m tried, tested and trusted, by both independents and brands.

I photograph food and drink for Liverpool’s hospitality sector and am your perfect visual business partner for food, drink, interiors and staff imagery. Working with chefs, restaurants, hotels, food manufacturers, brands and independents, I provide on-location shoots, food styling, art direction and shot advice. Plus with a comprehensive pre-planning stage, I invest in your ROI. Also for businesses looking for long-term marketing solutions there’s a subscription social media service available, please enquire. 

I produce professional, commercial and editorial photography for hospitality independents, food chains, food producers, food manufacturers, publishers, magazines and advertising agencies. 

In the food business… looks matter

Professional food photographer for Food Manufacturers, Chefs and Restaurants.Why do you need a professional food photographer?

If you’re marketing food, the truth is, your consumers want to eat with their eyes before they purchase. Food is sensory and they want to get a ‘sense’ for your and your product and also experience the emotion that accompanies it. Great food photography attracts, enthrals and excites the senses and also helps to market and ultimately sell products.
Five reasons professional food photography can be your best marketing tool:

• It creates trust and can be your own best ‘testimonial’. Sell the sizzle!

• Photographs 60,000X faster in the brain, than text

  • Photographs create emotions faster and are stronger than words alone

• Photographs influence information retention

• 60% of online consumers say they prefer to contact a business whose listing includes an image

Food can provide us with both sustenance and joy, but when you’re in the business of selling food, your marketing  has to connect with your consumer on many levels. Yes it costs more to hire a professional photographer, but I style, light and shoot food to capture its real essence and tell its story. Which means your becomes more effective builds your brand and you see a ROI.


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