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About Me

Based in Liverpool – Working across the UK

Photographer / Designer


I am a food and commercial photographer based in Liverpool, Merseyside, working across the UK. I trained and still work as a graphic designer at Dune Design, and worked in London for two decades, where I  helped create the branding for many well known, blue chip brands, such as SEAT, Toyota and The Post Office.

I grew up loving the process of capturing images through a lens and processing them, as we had a darkroom in our house.

I have a degree equivalent qualification in nutritional therapy and I now combine my passion for food and photography, with my vast branding experience. I help to market and promote restaurants, food producers and retailers and also shoot other commercial photography.

I produce stunning photography and videos for websites and images for print, social media and dynamic marketing campaigns that raise brand awareness for my clients.

For more information on my work, please feel free call me on: 01704 560 733